For the B. A. & B. Sc. ( Honours & Programme/General ) courses of studies a candidate is required to choose her Honours and Generic Elective subjects, as the case may be, from among Group I to VIII below :

Gr. I Physics
Gr. II. Mathematics, History.
Gr. III. Chemistry, Sanskrit.
Gr. IV. Economics.
Gr. V. Political Science.
Gr. Vi. Geography, Philosophy.
Gr. Vii. English.
Gr. VIII. Bengali

Subject combination for admission of both B. A. /B. Sc. ( Hons. & Programme / General ) under CBCS (2021 – 2022 )

For Honours :

The College is affiliated in Honours in Bengali, Sanskrit, English, Philosophy, History and political Science in Arts Stream and Economics, Geography, Mathematics, and Chemistry in the Science stream. Students taking Honours in different subjects will be permitted to take any two of the following subjects :

Take any one as Core Course (CC ) as Honours Subject Choose any one subject for Generic Elective ( GE )
Bengali Sanskrit/Philosophy/Political Science/English
Sanskrit Bengali/Philosophy/History/English
English Bengali/Political Science/History
Philosophy Sanskrit/Political Science/History/English
History Sanskrit/Philosophy/Political science/English
Political Science Bengali/philosophy/History/English
Geography Economics/Political Science/English
Economics Mathematics / political science
Mathematics Physics/Chemistry
Chemistry Physics/Mathematics

Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC) – ENVS For B.A. ( Programme / General ) Course :

A. Take any two of the following as DSC Subject.
I. Bengali / Sanskrit /English.
II. Political Science
III. Economics / History
IV. Philosophy / Geography
B. Core Language : English ( Compulsory )
C. AECC : MIL – Compulsory Bengali / Compulsory English
N.B. The B.A. General With Geo candidates must have to take Geography as one of two DSC subjects.

For B. Sc. ( Programme / General ) Course : I. Physics II. Chemistry III. Mathematics
AECC : MIL – Compulsory Bengali /Compulsory English.